Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her
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Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her.

Aiha Higurashi – Vocals, Gtr, Piano & Keyboards.
Nao Koyama – Bass, Keyboards, Drums & Vocals.
Takaharu Karashima – Drums.

Widely considered the best damn r&r band currently operating out of Japan, Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her took their name from an XTC lyric. Discovered by Japan’s maverick pop superstar, Cornelius, & duly signed to his Trattoria Sound label, SSKHKH are now available to the discerning punter in the UK for the first time thanks to Cherry Red Records imprint, Arrivederci Baby. "Red Talk" is a career spanning retrospective that gathers 18 trax (60.50) previously only available on rather expensive & difficult to find imports (plus exclusive video footage of "Sister Sister").

6 US tours supporting the likes of Modest Mouse, Yo La Tengo & Mogwai have seen the band build a worldwide fan-base approaching 50,000. Celebrity endorsements are beginning to pile up as corporate rock whores the world over strive to adopt some fast fading credibility.

"Red Talk" veers wildly from art-house Punk Rock to Punk Rock flavoured art house jazz hop. Fuzztone gtrs remain constant & the attitude faders are set to stun. Operating in much the same territory as NYC’s Yeah Yeah Yeahs, SSKHKH’s star is rising with an equally impressive trajectory.

"Asking For It", "A Gtr For Me & Milk For Her", "A Shotgun & Me" & "Psycho Melody" are ample evidence of the potential of "Red Talk" to confound, impress & excite all at the same time. LP closer, "If I Happen To Fall Down (In Your Arms)", even manages to momentarily embrace with it’s gently strummed acoustic shapes & weeping slide gtr. SSKHKH are destined to be all over you like a yeast infection by the end of the summer – better stock up on Canistan before it’s too late.

Nick Kuntz – - July – 2002.
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