rawk n roul
We’re the white crap that talks back.

This funny old r&r world just keeps on spinning – what goes around comes around. Music papers that once set fire to gtrs on their front covers to prove r&r dead now devote entire issues to hyping any old shite with 10 strings, a microphone & a drum kit.

R&R is the new r&r (it says here) – don’t just take their word for it – check the original style bible: The Face. The circle must now be complete if the earls of suave are wasting perfectly good advertising space on spotty little herberts bashing out a racket on tennis racquets, broom-handles & carboard boxes. (Aktually, when you consider the way supposedly non-sexist periodicals like The Face & Arena have undergone the metamorphosis from high brow market leaders to nudity drenched lowest common denominator satisfaction merchants in less than a decade the current scramble to take the stomping grounds of "new" street level r&r to the "kids" is just the next logical step – I guess). The desperation of a nation is the next train at this station.

Meanwhile, back @ www.trakMARX.com - no advertising, no payola, no expenses paid trips to NYC, no corporate sponsored scene creation, no cleavages, no fashion shoots & absolutely no danger of there ever being any.

The 7" 45 is 50 years old. During those 50 odd years R&R has come in many shapes & forms: Rock & Roll, Skiffle, The British Invasion, Mod, Garage Punk, Psyche, New Wave, No Wave, Punk, Two Tone, Post Punk, Positive Punk, Hardcore, Sadcore, Grunge, Riot Grrl, Shambling, NWONW, Emocore, Post Rock, etc, etc, etc (to name but 20).

When they tell you R&R is back – go tell them it never went away.

Today’s kool is tomorrow’s kold.

Punk loving, nugget munching, garage digging, psyche hugging, pebble throwing, rubble shifting non-corporate rock whores.

Don’t wanna be a bum, you’d better chew gum – the pump don’t work cos the vandals stole the handles.

Jean Aramis Encoule – trakMARX – July 2002

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