nazi landowners fuck off
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Nazi Landowners - Fuck Off

Ever since 1997 the Tory faithful have been licking their wounds at fund-raisers all over the country – itching for a chance to march to the right once again. When the "Very British Coup" failed to materialise they felt abandoned, confused, bitter & angry. Hellbent. On. Revenge.

First they tried the "Fuel Protests"; we queued, we waited, we cursed, we knew exactly who to blame & exactly who was in league.

Next they tried the "Foot & Mouth Protests"; we grimaced, we cancelled holidays in the UK, we lost money, we went into receivership, we knew exactly who to blame & exactly who was in cahoots. In reality, many farmers deliberately infected herds to cop compensation (a popular ploy was to immerse a sheep’s head in a bucket of sulphuric acid to replicate the sores caused by Foot & Mouth & claim away the pain). The far right was convinced that a motion of no faith would surely follow.

As the line between Neo Nazi thug & Neo Nazi Landowner blurs further we have to address the question; what is the difference between hunting down foxes & hunting down asylum seekers? They both tear at the moral fibre of our society. Surely? No right-minded property tycoon could disagree. (In a country that elevates scum like Nicolas Van Hoogstraaten to the dizzy heights where reality & ambition can easily become blurred, is it any wonder that the cunt truly believes he can do what ever the fuck he wants without fear of retribution. The fabric of our society is woven almost entirely from strands very like Van Hoogstraaten – they’re not all of Germanic descent.)

Just take a drive through any Tory heartland over the next month or so & you’ll see hundreds of home made placards urging you to convene in London in September & fight for yr. right to chase small fury animals through the countryside on massive horses & kill them to death in a very horrible manner (& bath in the blood at the strange after show party ritual). They want you to come along & support their agenda:

1/ Say NO to socialism.
2/ Say NO to the Euro.
3/ Say YES to hunting.
4/ Say YES to massive farming subsidies.
5/ Say CHEERIO to immigrants.
6/ Say IMMEDIATE RE-PATRIATION to any of the little buggers that slipped through the net.
7/ Say SORRY to Micky Portillo.
8/ Say EL PRESIDENTE to Maggie Thatcher.
9/ Say AU REVOIR to Nu Labour.
10/ Say ZEIG HEIL to the new 1921 committee – Combat 18.

Remember, if you see a sign telling you to "never under-estimate a minority" (except when they’re a racial/sexual minority, we assume) – go straight to yr. nearest hardware store & purchase cans of red spray-paint, step ladders & indelible black markers. Mark the signs:

"Nazi Landowners - Fuck Off"

Add a swastika & tell em Jello Biafra sent you.

Honestly kids, if there was any nicer way to do it we’d have worked it out by now. After all, speaking as a member of a generation that suffered 16 fucking years of Tory mis-rule, it really is a political process you absolutely do not want to go through. Believe me – I’m not remotely qualified to be doing what I’m doing.

Guy Debored – trakMARX – July 2002

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