Welcome to Issue 5 of – the Punk Rock machine rumbles on. Mindful of becoming a bit too US-centric of late we’ve cast our net wider than ever this time out:

From the laidback outback of Australia we examine the hype phenomenon that is The Vines.

From the Far East we bring you the twin Japanese gtr assault of Mikabomb & Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her.

From the frozen North of Canada we shoot the shit with Bellrays murdering Soul Punk stompers, The VaGiants.

As the battle of Britain’s next rock & roll saviours commences – we chek out the punching weights of 3 of the UK’s most likely contenders: The Beatings, Ikara Colt & The Libertines.

Fierce Panda have kept the flame of indie brinkmanship alive for almost a decade now. Fierce Panda label boss, Simon Williams, tackles 1 of our annoying Q&A type thangs.

We assess the legacy of Aussie Garage Punk with Do The Pop.

We mourn the passing of Dee Dee Ramone.

Plus all the usual libellous bullshit, made up stuff & comedy journalism.

What more could you want for fuck all.

Don’t touch that smile.

Jean Aramis Encoule – – July 2002
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