When I woke this morning I was really bored. When I woke up in the afternoon I was really bored. When I woke up in the middle of an A&R meeting I was really bored.

The music industry is a shit strewn one-way street populated by junkies, dopers, pimps & A&R men. It does have a downside, however:

Imagine you were down yr. local sweat-pit moshing away to the sounds of this week’s favourite power-chord snuffing, shape-throwing r&r combo & somebody went & ripped the roof off of the venue – then took the walls away – then moved the stage 80 yards in the opposite direction – closed down the toilets – put the bar prices up & reduced the staff – & then it started to rain.

Welcome to Shitsville UK.

Corporate hospitality – luxury tour-bus enclaves – Jo fuckin Whiney - laminfuckinates – Mexican hand-weaved faux-denim souvenir concessions – Rod fuckin Stewart – cunts on stilts – dub tents – Stereofuckinphonics – muggings – Borbital – Belgian waffle experiences - tent theft – poor drugs – world bad jazz stage.

Still its only once a year, right?
You don’t know how to enjoy yr.self if you haven’t seen Orbital, right?
Man, doesn’t the sun look way kool setting over yonder Avalon, right?
You’ve just borrowed my stash, right?
That Coldplay tee was only £5, right?
BMRC were really far out, right?
It ain’t where you come from it’s where yr. @, right?


Listen, you screw-heads, here’s a man who wouldn’t take it anymore. Here’s a man who’s prepared to stand up to the lowlife; to wash the scum off the groundsheet, to build a fire made out of No Doubt’s backline, to place a sniper at the rear of the main-stage – to bring these cunts down.


Marquee Smith – trakMARX - July 2002

contact - the needle & the damage done