The Beatings
The Beatings - moody boys!
The Beatings

Back in their garages with their bullshit detectors, The Beatings take no prisoners.

The band met whilst working together building film sets. Their building skills were also responsible for their introduction to Kevin Shields – erstwhile producer of The Beatings debut 45 – "Jailhouse" (Fantastic Plastic Records).

Their mission to rock, meet girls & make records is now underway. Their ability to stand alone will hold them in good stead for the forthcoming fights that will surely ensue as they take their particular brand of psychic maelstrom to the masses.

Aurally akin to being drowned molasses cut with Amphetamine, The Beatings mix the obvious – MC5, The Stooges, SubPop – with the obtuse – Bellstaff jackets, baseball caps, curtains. Their sound is as clear as mud & twice as invigorating when smothered all over yr. puny body, baby. That feels real good.

Busting out of the same stable that brought you Ikara Colt, The Beatings are low-down & dirty. The portion of distortion that is "Jailhouse" consists of a ton of classik riffage bedecked with the constant refrain, "I’m going to the jailhouse." Little else is discernable & that’s the way we like it.

On record their intensity is never in question. Recent radio session recordings have been somewhat flat – "Jailhouse" adds bounce, layers conditioner & irons out all the wrinkles. The EP’s 2 other traks,"Otherside" & a cover of Mudhoney's "The Money Will Pour Right In", are equally as powerful as "Jailhouse" – all 3 blast right past in a feedback framed exhibition of basic garage rock dynamics in just over 7 minutes of speaker abuse.

Rock & roll should never lose the ability to kick yr. head in – we live in a big bad world & the music we love should reflect that danger. The Beatings have taken in, digested & regurgitated all they learnt @ The Punk Rock Academy - in that respect, they are totally qualified to practice what they preach.

The Beatings may well have kicked off 2002 as newcomers to the paddock, by the end of this year they’re gonna be parading around the winners enclosure like they own it. Rock & Fucking Roll.

Marquee Smith – trakMARX – July 2002

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