Yeah yeah yeaHs
Yeah yeah yeahs
I’ll Take That As A Yeah Yeah Yeah

A brand new day, a brand new band outa NYC.

The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s;

Karen O – vocals
Brian Chase – drums
Nick Zinner – Gtrs

Currently blowing up on import on Shify Records, this 5 track EP is doing good business & is sure to be picked up for the UK before long – it’s that good (don’t look now – it just came out on Wichita 22/04/02 – UK Releases Ed) . A raw & ready mix of minimal r&r sleeze & arthouse garage punk angst, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s have been learning their history well. Blondie have been mentioned, along with NY Dolls – but we won’t waste any of your time with lazy journalism.

Information on the band is pretty thin on the ground; Karen & Nick had been writing "softer" stuff together for a while when they "suddenly" decided to rock things up a bit. They famously wrote the bulk of their current set in one session. They live in Brooklyn, NYC - that’s about it. Marquee Smith takes a stroll through the grooves to bring you this;

Opener, "Bang", wants to be bigger & better @ the same time. Rocking a rolling beat & gripping the meat with both lips, this baby swings good hip. 3 minutes is about all she wrote & is also about all you need. The chorus seems to exclaim; "Take a swallow as I spit, baby / As a fuck, son, you suck". But what the fuck do we know?

"Mystery Girl" could be where some of the Dolls accusations come from, though to be honest, aside from the title, there’s little real evidence. One thing IS for sure; this is a pure 24 carat solid gold garage stomper. Clocking in @ just under 3 mins, again - what more do you want? (As y’all know; y’ll learn more from a 3 minute rekkid then y’ll ever learn in skool.)

"Art Star" is the most avante garde trak on show – shifting from doo doo doo nursery charm verse to a scream-fest breakdown chorus of, "Aaaaaarrrrrttt Sssstttaaarrrr". Taking the piss out of "art" is something we should all do more often – The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s do it very well. Exhibit, hey?

"Miles Away" is a far easier butterfly to mount, being, as it is, prime "Dry" period PJ Harvey on meth-amphetamine - & fuckin horny, to boot. Suck me fantasy dry, baby.

Closer, "Our Time", claims that 2002 is the year to be hated & who are we to argue?
"I may be dead, honey, but I was left with my eyes", sings Karen O – sounding not unlike a subtle blend of Neko Case & Kelly Hogan. Slashes of slide gtr dress this subtle grower, providing further evidence that The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s are where NYC artpunk garage r&r meets Bloodshot Records head on.

5 traks – 5 reasons to be cheerful – 5 excuses to hunt down a copy pronto – The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, search & consume.

STOP PRESS – The Yeah Yeah Yeah’s performed a 4 song set on Steve Lurpack’s Evening Sesh on Radio 1 – 22/04/02 – "Rich"/"Pin"/"Bang"/"Tick" – they rocked.

Marquee Smith – April 2002
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