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Would I Lie To You, Honey?

To some readers, this NYC thang may just be beginning to come on like an obsession. What can we say? Another fuckin day, another shit hot act outa New Yawk – the rest of you mother fuckers don’t like it then, hey, make some freakin incendiary rock n’ roll half as exciting as Liars yr.selves & we’ll sing yr. praises, too.

Liars debut for Germ Blandsten Records, "they threw us all in a trench & stuck a monument on top", is the place where art punk meets kruatrock in dub.


Angus Andrew – Vocals
Ron Albertson – Drums
Pat Noecker – Bass
Aaron Hempell – Gtr

Everybody in his or her own life needs a hobby – can you hear us? Liars have their finger on the pulse of America. Minimal information – grown men don’t fall in a river of sound like this just like that. Not TOO political. Where the fuck do we start? Gang Of Four rip up The Au Pairs & force-feed them to a young Fall who immediately spit it all out into a Can of Faust-burgers. Last night you & I gathered berries with our flashlight – never had a skateboard.

They’re more punk than you – they’re less obvious than most – they push it as far as it can go. They’re heavier than Slipshod – more uncompromising than Amen - & you can dance to them – fuck dancing, let’s art, we hear you scream.

I like, I like, I like, I like, I like – the hallway ceiling. We have no attention span. Inter connected sloganeering – the mother of the devil – she’s wonderful. Liars. Leave yr. work @ home – put down that briefcase.

In New York we feel like a tourist @ home. Mr, y’re on fire, Mr. By the end of the disc we’ve descended into the electronic sound clash basement. Track 9 seems to last forever – terminally looping away into the ether. You have been waiting for Liars – don’t worry, wait no longer – they’re behind you.

Past films will burn us in our bedrooms. The city loves you. Liars, we love you two.

Marquee Smith – April – 2002
Liar label:

contact - the needle & the damage done