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Situationists Vacant

... Art is far too important to be left to artists…

…the art of the future will be the overthrow of situations, or nothing…

…we’ll never get out of this alive…

…the new generation will leave nothing to chance.. subverts the world…

…derive… .detournement.. travaille jamais..

..sur le passage de quelques personnes a travers une assez courte unite de temps…

..the ruthless criticism of all that exists…

..bringing to light forgotten desires, & creating entirely new ones..

..everyone must search for what they love…
..critique de l’urbanisme.. is far better to be a whore than the wife of a fascist….

..we will only organise the detonation..

..any sign is susceptible to conversion..

..the free explosion must escape us & any other forever..

..the moment of true poetry brings all the unsettled debts of history back into play…

..situationists want to forget about the past..

..everyone is the son of many fathers..

..we have to multiply poetic subjects & objects..

..on n’entre pas seul dans l’histoire, comme le chevalier entre seul en lice..

..le siege perilleaux..


..let the dead bury the dead, & mourn them.. future in England’s dreaming..

..I look around your house, you’ve got nothing to steal..

Guy De Bored – April - 2002
Work up those situations:

contact - the needle & the damage done