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Olive Juice Music – Fewer Compromises, Fewer Regrets.

Olive Juice Music is an NYC label set up by Major Matt Mason USA. The label is dedicated to providing a platform for Urban-folk, Anti-folk & ANY FOLK who unlock & voice, the power of words & music. Olive Juice Music are a DIY collective, interested in helping people who are in the development stages of trying to do something with their art. Olive Juice Music is not a traditional record label. The artists associated with Olive Juice Music take an active part in how their music is produced, financed & marketed. They in turn receive more of the profits gained from their record sales – which is how it should be – right?

The strength of Olive Juice Music relies upon the active participation of its members to share resources & help promote a communal spirit amongst everyone involved - as well as taking their art as far as they would like it to go. Olive Juice Music is about independence & community.

Honesty & an unswerving interest in the art-worthy things that occur in the simple day- to-day existence of the human experience are what drive Olive Juice Music. If that doesn’t sound way cool to you lot then, as the man says; buzz off, mister.

A package of Olive Juice Music showed up @ trakMARX just the other day – below we take a pleasant stroll through the discs & offer this humble assessment of a few their of key artists;

AMERICAN ANYMEN are mostly Brett Sullivan & Michal Eisig. Their skewed take on contemporary lo-fi pop wonderment includes nods to folk, hip hop & back-porch country. Augmented with fuzz-tone gtrs, sax, what sounds to us like a touch of banjo, dex-efx, & a healthy dollop of female harmony, American Anymen create wide-screen mini-vignettes of out-standing natural beauty. Produced by MMM USA, & recorded in house @ Olive Juice, American Anymen aren’t just yr. average type of bear.

CD – "Hello" – available on Olive Juice Music now.

PREWAR YARDSALE are Mike Rechner & Dina Levy. Their minimalist sound comprises acoustic gtr, percussion & vocals – oh yeah, & some massive fucked up fuzz noize gtrs, also. I guess you could say Prewar Yardsale have the blues some – not in a traditional Wstripes reverential manner – more in a reality bites kinda stylee. You can feel the city coming up off of their music – like steam rising from a subway grill into an ice cold atmosphere. Dark would describe them well – not that there’s no humour involved – however black it may be. Tiles such as "Elevated Platform Stand", "United Airline" & "Consolidated Sanitation Power" convey a sense of dissatisfaction along with a refusal to conform. "Weird" comes on like a pissed off Mpeaches & holds up the grand tradition of NYC noize-core with pride. Prewar Yardsale may well prove to be a prophetic moniker in today’s uncertain global climate – make sure you catch them before the balloon goes up.

CD – "Lowdown" – available on Olive Juice Music now.

RANDI RUSSO appears to be Olive Juice’s answer to Patti Smith, with the occasional splash of Siouxsie Sioux thrown in for good measure. Randi fronts a 4 piece band comprising; Spencer Chakedis – Gtr & Lap Steel, Matthew Carlson – Drums & the wonderfully named Lenny Molotov – Bass. "Dead Citizen" sets the tone with intent, & would not have been out of place on "Radio Ethiopia". Randi controls her emotive banshee wail with dexterity throughout proceedings. The music is dense; the vaguely Russian feel of "Adored", the angular pout of "So It Must Be True", the garage rock carbon monoxide smell induced by "Lucy’s Plan". In a music industry still sadly dominated by men & soft porn princesses, we need every gtr touting, rocking sister we can get. Randi Russo deserves yr. attention – immediately.

CD – "Solar Bipolar" – available on Olive Juice Music now.

SCHWERVON! are MMM USA & good lady, Nan Turner (with no obvious help from Gummo, the cat). Operating in territory not a million miles away from Liz Phair (if she’d have alternated vocal duties with her boyfriend, obviously). Nan has a touch of the Sleater Kinneys, vocally, which is no bad thing - & you already know we love MMM USA’s voice from Issue 3 – right? Opener, "American Girl" (not a cover of the Petty classik), is the stand out cut on this mini-LP. "Dinner", "Holy Cat" & "Twin Donut" give it a fair run for its money. Oh, by the way, Schwervon! have a sense of humour, too. Humour seems to be vitally important to everyone of Olive Juice’s artists. Highly recommended.

CD – "Quick Frozen Small Yellow Cracker" – available on Olive Juice Music now.

Jean Aramis Encoule – April - 2002
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