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Monday May 5, 2002 headlines :

1- Metal Urbain / Dr. Mix & the Remix / Metal Boys back catalogue to be reissued in remastered and expanded form !

2- Eric Debris and Charlie H makes great discoveries in the jungle of the Metal Urbain original mastertapes.

3- " Les Hommes morts sont dangereux " LP with bonus single selling for $122.50 on Ebay.

4- New french Punk book with a 40 pages Metal Urbain interview full of previously unseen pictures.

5- Forthcoming official Metal Urbain website on the net + links.

Hi everybody,

Welcome to this new and first issue of the official Metal Urbain Newsletter. It's been more than 25 years now that this great band first hit the stage at the infamous Golf Drouot club in Paris, France, and got violently attacked by members of the audience after only two numbers, because their sonic assault was too much to stand for some of those long haired yobs. Obviously, they kicked back, and kicked in a career full of incredibly great gigs and records. If, like me, you always thought that this band never got the recognition it deserved, (that is, wide and worldwide), well, guess what, THINGS ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE. Here's a few reasons why:

1. Metal Urbain / Dr. Mix & the Remix / Metal Boys and newly founded label Seventeen Records have recently entered into an agreement to reissue all Metal Urbain / Dr. Mix & the Remix / Metal Boys back catalogue in newly remastered form worldwide. Each of the three bands original albums will be expanded to a double CD, including all original singles A-sides and B-sides, and many, many tracks not previously issued or heard anywhere ! The double CDs, housed in beautiful slipcases and each containing a 64 pages booklet, will be available on October 25, 2002, exactly 25 years after the official release of Metal Urbain first single, " Panik".

2. Band members Eric Debris and Charlie H, with a little help from Seventeen Records CEO David Fakrikian, are currently browsing through the amazing dozens of original Metal Urbain 2, 4 and 24 tracks mastertapes. We are tracing what version is on which tape, and compiling in the process a mile long list of all existing Metal Urbain / Dr. Mix & the Remix / Metal Boys recordings. Once we will have sorted out everything, a definitive track listing of the reissues will be set.We only have a rough shape so far, but we can already tell you that the track list will go beyond your wildest dreams.

Just to give you an idea, last Sunday April 28, 2002, Eric Debris found an unlabelled tape containing the original first recordings of Metal Urbain from November 1976. You all know that three of the tracks, " No Fun ", " Metal Urbain ", and " Anarchie en France ", were originally included in the L'Age D'or LP and CD compilation. We were amazed to find it also contained an early version of " Lady Coca Cola ", and kicked in with a version of " Snuff Movie ", also sung by Clode Panik, which is probably the most astonishingly violent song ever laid out on tape in the history of the world ! 25 years on, and this stuff still have not aged one bit ! And that is just one of the treasures we have in store for you. More next time.

3. With punk celebrating it's 25 years, interest on Metal Urbain and it's offshoots keeps growing. Yesterday on Ebay, a copy of the Les Hommes morts sont dangereux, Metal Urbain first LP, as just gone out on ebay at the astonishing price of US $122.50 ! It included the much coveted Hysterie Connective mix 2/ Atlantis limited edition single (only 1000 were pressed).

Check out the auction details at the page below

If you want to complete your collection, many Metal Urbain stuff keeps popping up and being auctioned on ebay every day. To find the latest, just go to, and type Metal Urbain in the search box. Most of the Doctor Mix or Metal Boys stuff is usually also labelled Metal Urbain by the sellers, so it's easy to find. Prepare to bid, and count your bills !

4. "Nos Années Punk", a new French book by Christian Eudeline, younger brother of singer / author / journalist Patrick Eudeline, as just come out in the Denoël X-Treme collection. To celebrate the release of the book, a party was held last Tuesday April 23 at a secret club in Paris, France. Eric Debris was D-Jaying, and band member Hermann Schwartz, Charlie H & original Metal U keyboardist Zip Zinc were also present. It was a reunion of sort, and beer flowed at great length. Reproduction of posters of the original Metal Urbain first single promo, signed 25 years ago by all the original band members, (some with crawled obscenities instead of autographs&Mac183;) were covering the walls and were available for free. An instant collector's item ! We were exposed to the threat of seeing ex Bijou guitarist Vincent Palmer jamming with band Les Dragueurs for a full length version of his hit " Betty Jane Rose ", originally penned for him by Serge Gainsbourg, and Patrick Eudeline also hit the stage for a full rendition of his cult hit " Polly Magoo ". What about the Christian Eudeline book, you say ? Well it contains a huge 40 pages chapter devoted to Metal Urbain, covering the whole history of the band, with many pictures not printed anywhere before. It's all told in extensive interviews with Eric Debris, Hermann Schwartz, & original Metal U keyboardist Zip Zinc. It's a great read, and a must buy if you want my opinion, but this book is in French language only. You can buy it if you want at any French store, or directly from or

5. The official Metal Urbain website is coming. We hope to get it up and running by this summer. Eric Debris, who is an internet technology master, will be involved in the contents and the layouts. It will offer a collection of press clips written on the band, the lyrics, full discography, a message board, and free full length preview Mp3s of songs to be included in the reissues, and more ! In the meantime, you can look for more info on Metal Urbain and it's offshoots on these pages:

Tu braques le président / Explose sa gueule / Rouge rouge rouge et noir / Poupée dégonflée ! Panik ! (Panik - Metal Urbain 1977)

David Fakrikian Seventeen Records

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