The Lords of the New Church
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The Lords Of The New Church

Have you been to church recently? Been reformed recently? Thrown yr.self at the feet of the Gods of R&R & screamed – "I repent"? Brian James has.

James, legendary London SS’er, Damned leader & Lord Of The New Church, has put the Lords back on the road with a new line up, a new batch of songs, a new agenda & the same full-on R&R attitude.

Brian James – Gtr
Jez Miller – Gtr & Vox
Steven Marque – Vox
Ozzie – Drums (ex-Gunfire Dance & Steppin Razors)
Dave Treganna – Bass (ex-Sham 69)

The Lords have just returned from a European tour that included UK shows in London, Newcastle & Manchester. We recently spoke to a pleased but tired James about the reformation, reactions to the shows, & his plans for the band;

trakMARX – Why did you chose now as the perfect time to reform The Lords?

JAMES – "Coincidence, really. I was playing out as the Brian James Gang - doing my own stuff, Lords stuff & Old Damned tunes & we discovered our drummer had a real feel for The Lords material. I was then approached to sanction a US Lords website & sent some lyrics written by a guy named Steven Marque. I thought the lyrics were fucking brilliant & suited the spirit of The Lords perfectly – we rehearsed, found it sounded awesome, & that was that."

trakMARX – How did the shows go down & how did it feel to be back in the saddle?

JAMES – "It went really well, totally enjoyed it. Most shows were rammed – old Lords fans, younger Lords fans & a bunch of young kids who were discovering us for the first time. Just the way it should be."

trakMARX – You’re planning some more UK shows before embarking on a US tour, is that right?

JAMES – "We’ve lined up some more provisional UK dates – we want to do London again, & possibly Brighton. We’ve got shows booked in Paris, Amsterdam & we’re gonna shake up a Goth festival in Germany – not that The Lords are a Goth band, mind. Then we’re off to the States in June."

trakMARX – Tell us about the "Believe It Or Not" EP.

JAMES – "It’s 3 trax we recorded @ 284 Studios, Brighton at the end of summer 2001; "Baby Babylon", "Devil You Know" & "Hashashin". Basically, three separate movies that show the versatility of The Lords sound – 3 trailers for the future."

trakMARX – Are there any plans for a new Lords LP?

JAMES – "Yeah – we’re in the middle of writing it now – looking for a label. Now we’ve come off tour it’s time to deal with the shitty end of the business, you know?"

trakMARX – What are yr. long term plans for the project?

JAMES – "One step @ a time, really. We’re gonna do these US dates then hopefully record the LP. We’re also looking for directors to shoot a Lords movie – a kinda surreal representation of our current sound."

The "Believe It Or Not" EP is available from The Lords website – - along with full details of future shows, merchandise & tributes to the now sadly departed original Lords vocalist, legendary ex-Dead Boy, Stiv Bators.

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