Sunny Hentchmen
10 Questions 4 The Hentchmen

1. trakMARX - How & when did The Hentchmen covene?

The Hentchmen convened out of boredom. Young, 1992, especially to play a friend's halloween party.

2. trakMARX - Who inspired you to pick up yr. respective instruments?

Chuck berry inspired Timmy, the discovery of Paul Revere and the Raiders inspired John and Audrey from Genittis inspired Chris (first drummer).

3. trakMARX - How did you get involved with Italy Rekkids?

I guess just being drinking buddies - it's amazing the things you can get someone to agreed on after 13 Stroh's.

4. trakMARX - Italy have issued a mini LP by the band, any plans for a full LP?

We're doing another mini Lp, probably not on Italy, but maybe both will come out on CD this fall??????

5. trakMARX - Detroit bands have a history of looking after their own - is this spirit of camaraderie apparent in today's crop of Motor City bands?

I guess.

6. trakMARX - You're big fans of The Yardbirds & the original British Invasion - how significant has the influence of such bands been in shaping the current sounds of young Detroit?

It appears to be prevalent. Now you can go down to the bar and hear someone spinning the Birds, Downliners Sect, Lord Sutch, etc. Believe me, that wouldn't have happened more than 5 years ago.

7. trakMARX - Which mid 60's US garage punk bands do you cherish?

Oh, the Seeds, of course. 13th Floor Elevators, of course. Zakary thinks; Nightcrawlers, The Remains, Capt Beefheart...the list is endless. Gotta include Mitch Ryder, Seger (local heroes), Del-tinos, Unrelated Segments, etc.

8. trakMARX - Which 70's UK punk bands do you feel really meant it, maaaaaan?

Let's see.... Adam and the Ants first and foremost (pre-80 of course), Menace, The Lurkers.....THE BOYS, yeah!

9. trakMARX - Any other golden eras from r&r's back pages that light yr. candles?

Must include Mid-American new wave Ohio bands; Devo, Electric Eels, Bizarros, Pere Ubu, Pagans. Australian beat and punk bands!! AC/DC - even straight ahead rock USA; Kiss, Cheap trick, Big Star, New York Dolls. Our tastes display a "broad appeal".

10. trakMARX - What does the future hold for The Hentchmen & what is yr. ultimate goal?

This Halloween marks the 10th year anniversary for the Hentchmen (10 trakMARX questions is so apt - synchronicity Ed). I guess we couldn't ask for more than that. The ultimate goal is to play Cavestomp 2030 in state-of-the-art sneakers, baseball caps, and a casio keyboard.

Marquee Smith - April 2002
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