Hey Ho – Let’s Go.

Re-brand, re-package, re-evaluate – pick a new slot on the shelf, bozos, & quit licking those wounds. You suck - you’ve sucked for so long you stink of stale corporate semen – pretty soon you’ll be obsolete.

Colonic irrigation, stylistic segregation, egotistic masturbation – check out the critics profiles (does my over-blown sense of my own importance look big in this?).
Bobbing in a sea of mediocrity, inflatable material, distress-flare communiqué - stained, defeated & utterly irrelevant. The only thing bigger than my portfolio is my expense account.

Standing in the middle of the road means you’re gonna get hit by traffik from both directions – living up the arse of a monster means you’re gonna drown in shit whenever it eats a Madras. Whip me, beat me, fuck me, bite me, kick me, piss on me, shit on my mini-disc playa & come in my mouth - & when you’re finished, make sure my 1st class air fare to SXSW is on my desk, pronto – the review is written – I’ll catch the act later.

The 100 best top 100 best opinions of all time – objective, subjective – check what arrived this AM in the post. The list was compiled according to how many £’s worth of gratuities a label had showered on us over a period of 50 years – the number of all expenses paid foreign jaunts our hacks had failed to declare on their tax returns since 1952.

Music is far too important to be left to musicians – ditto music journalism. Which side of the fence are you on?

Marquee Smith – April - 2002

contact - the needle & the damage done