white stripes
hello candy cane children,

hopefully from now on meg and i can post a message straight from us to you every now and then, and let you know what has been happening, or what is going to happen, or what happened a very long time ago.

we are leaving for europe to perform on top of the pops the british top 40 television show. i am kind of upset because we had planned to have billy childish on stage with us for the performance. he was going to be painting on an easel with his back to the camera, but the top of the pops' people got a little confused and said we couldn't do that. kind of funny that kylie minoque can have 7 dancers on stage, and we can't have billy childish painting with us. oh well, you can't always get what you want, you have to choose your battles. we already have 15 or so other battles to fight right now, so off we go like little rats. meg and i would like to thank everyone for all of their support on that new guest book thing, and on the white stripes club on yahoo, which also comes to our attention at times. it's interesting to see all the places in the world that now have our records of songs that we wrote in my living room. we are planning big tours of america over and over again this year, trying to get everywhere at all times. as well as tours of europe and hopefully south america, if we have a minute or two. we've been told that mtv is making the video for fell in love with a girl a "breakthrough video". that's pretty interesting, and someone told us that radio stations in america are starting to play the white stripes, now that's funny too. i'm surprised, how about you?

one thing that concerns me however is the dying art of making a chocolate malt. i have to admit it is one of my favourite vices. but it seems that the days of the soda jerk being able to make a proper one in his sleep are long gone. so i will now list all of the known techniques to making a proper malt for anyone who is in a postion to make it for others. the proper chocolate malt is as follows: VANILLA ice cream that's right VANILLA , you do not use chocolate ice cream for a chocolate malt. now if you can get past that very important step you are fifty percent there my friend. next you add chocolate syrup, fresh milk, and finally malt powder, lots of it. because if you don't add lots of it, it tastes like a shake, and that is not what i ordered! you have to have enough to give the malt it's "malt personality" if you will. and most importantly you do not mix it up until it's as watery as milk ( something they don't seem to understand in australia where i purchased three different malts at three different places only to be served something along the lines of chocolate milk, and it seemed they never heard of malt powder) you only mix the malt enough to get it through a straw, there should be a thick muddy feel to the malt, and a second helping should be served in a tin mixing cup along with the original malt in the glass. whip cream doesn't bother me, i can take it or leave it, but it is the dying artform of the malt maker/soda jerk that does bother me, i think we should all be aware of this and help to continue this dying, beutiful, comforting aspect of life, for our children if not for us ourselves.

interest in the death of things
and the ideas in mind it brings
perform tricks in hand, and finger
left alone can only hone
the love of the art left to linger
true aim, and posterity
with the history of a family involved,
make one think of his
future, his work, and his
loved one to hold
tempting as it may be to forget
and destroy
all of the crafts, trades, and arts
that have brought us this far
it is just as tempting to uphold
and adore, and create with
history at our side
tools in hand, on wood, under car
attention to detail
love of the past
and positive outlooks
for tommorrow
are what should be embraced,
and shown,
in our words
in our hands
forward in love
in life,
in death,
and in sorrow

jack white
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