Whirlwind Heat
10 Questions For Whirlwind Heat

1. How & when Did WWH come together?

On St.Patrick's Day March 17th 1997 we played a show with a band called "Arab on Radar" from Providence, Rhode Island. This is when Whirlwind Heat took hold. Before that we played in our garage. About a year later we went on tour with Arab on Radar in America. We weren't on any of the bills but we just followed them then asked to play each night for two weeks. We were 16.

2. What's behind the name?

The name came from a drawing by Raymond Pettibon, which was on the cover of Sonic Youths album "Goo." The night of St. Patrick's we needed a name and that was it.

3. Any major influences that pushed you on down the road to r&r?

Some of our influences per say would be Arab on Radar, Sonic Youth, the Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen and Devo.

4. Tell us how you would describe the WWH sound?

It's hard to say. Most of our music is written a certain way. We write bass and drums first...then layer guitars, vocals and moog. What ever sound comes out-comes out. Alot of people will say that we are some what NO-WAVE. Some say it sounds sort of dark or childish, but we'd disagree. We like our sound to be choppy, to the point, fun, interesting, sometimes repetitive and somewhat puzzling.

5. The current Detroit scene is producing some of the planets most combustible r&r available presently (& some of the most varied). Is it exciting to be from Detroit in 2002?

Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit was a great comp to introduce some of the music in Detroit. There are a lot of other bands in Detroit that are just as wonderful. We think some of the wonderful things about Detroit are that it has opprotunity, boredom, variety, and support. In many cities nationwide (perhaps world wide) the scene is laxed. That's a problem. That's why Detroit has longevity.

6. Detroit bands have a history of helping each other's development that goes right back to the MC5 & The Stooges. Are you proud of Detroits heritage & are you still a close knit musical community today?

Detorit has a great history of bands and weaving . It's raw and it's real. Detroit holds its ground while many other cities can not.  We never want to see Detroit become washed up. I'd rather have it fade and come back.

7. The White Stripes & The Von Bondies have helped focus the spotlight on Detroit all over again in the last 18 months - are you glad of the exposure or are you keen to remain undergound?

Good Exposure is good. It's only bad exposure if you change the way DIV

8. You have recently recorded yer debut LP with Jack White producing but have yet to confirm a label - have you had any recent developments in that dept?

We'll be mixing the album at Jim Diamonds next week. Once this is done we will then focus more on record labels. There have been a few options for a release. Perhaps, Jack White's new label THIRD MAN RECORDINGS will, or perhaps not. Whatever happens-happens.

9. You cite compulsiveness, holed kidneys & chemical blindness as reasons why WWH are bound for glory? What's @ the end of the trail for WWH & do you envisage getting there in one piece?

Time can only tell. In our eyes the begining of the trail hasn't even begun. These are things that we bring to the table.

10. What comes next in WWH's assualt on world domination?

We will be doing a European Tour with the White Stripes at the end of Feb. and the beginning of March. The tour would be in Germany, France, and Austria to name a few. Once the album comes out, if it comes out - Whirwind Heat plans on touring everywhere we possibly can. Then releasing more stuff, then touring, releasing, touring, releasing,touring, and on and on and on.

Italy Records: www.italyrecords.com

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