The Stuck-Ups
smoke acid dude
The Stuck-Ups - Smoke Dope, Not Heroin.

Formed in 1998 from the remnants of The Beautiful Losers, The Stuck-Ups line up has changed more times in 2 years than editorial policy changes in an hour @ NME. August 2000 saw the girls debut recordings under the guidance of Johnny Sangster @ Egg Studios. Billy Childish joined them for further sessions @ Egg in October of the same year. The results were issued as a self financed 4 trak 7". The single came to the attention of Sympathy For The Rekkid Industry Rekkids later that year & the band were rushed into the studio to rekord their debut self titled lp, issued by Sympathy in Jan 2001. A busy year saw further line up changes as well as a side project, Lead Baby. The Stuck-Ups toured during the summer of 2001 & learned, amongst other things, not to drink the water in Mexico. On return from touring The Stuck-Ups ate Lead Baby & mutated into a harder, faster, fitter, leaner fighting machine. If you like yer punk rock with authentic 77 flava, you carnt go far wrong with The Stuck-Ups. Early gtr fired Slits rubbed up against Swiss sweethearts Kleenex (Lilliput) & drenched in garage atmosphere - what more could a poor punk rocker want.

Their line up is currently static & you can check out the links below for more juice;

The Stuck-Ups are recording their second lp shortly, label to be confirmed.

The Stuck-Ups also appear on a forthcoming compilation for Dirtnap Records;

Jean Encoule dug out his old Slits t-shirt & bondage strides, tightened the straps on his WW1 flying helmet, climbed aboard his trusty Sopwith Camel & cyber flew out to Stuck-Ups Central for a chinwag with the band that carnt keep still (or decide what instrument they wanna play). Glad to say, the bands line up remained the same throughout the interview;

The Stuck-Ups - Personel;

T- Tiffany - Gtr, Vox J- Justin - Drums M- Meredith - Bass B- Bre - Keyboards

trakMARX - Is there any relevance behind the name?

T - Well, the way we got the name The Stuck-Ups was from our very first drummer. She was taking a shower one day when she was having a cocktail party and she was like, shit, who is going to come to my party? I forgot to invite everybody, I'm totally stuck up.

M - We're totally stuck up.

trakMARX - Sympathy is such a fantastic label, how did you hook up with them?

J - Long Gone John knows a good thing when he hears it.

T - That's right. And he got our tape from Billy Childish, whom one of our drummers got married to.

J - It wasn't me. (giggles)

T - Did we say who it is?

M - What?

T - Its Julie. JULIE.

trakMARX - How has the label reacted to the massive UK hype surrounding The White Stripes?

B - I still don't' know who they are. (groans)

J - I do.

M -We don't know. I assume that Sympathy is swamped by calls by journalists wanting to know about The White Stripes? It's here too. We hear about them a lot. We DON'T know them?

J - We've never met the White Stripes.

M - No, they're our BEST FRIENDS.

J - I love them both. The best thing is hanging out at their summerhouse in June or July, it's nice.

trakMARX - Sympathy have such a diverse roster, are there any two bands alike?

J - I'm sure there are quite a few two bands alike on Sympathy. Sympathy's been around for a long time.

T - They have lots of girls on the label.

M -They have hundreds and hundreds of records.

T - We were the 659th record on the label.

J - And that's no joke.

trakMARX - Yer sound is very reminiscent of The Slits b4 they discovered dub reggae. Are you admirers of Ari Up & the girls?

J - Yes, especially before the dub reggae period.

B - Tiffany in the hallway was like FUCK YEAH!

T - Totally, I like The Slits and Kleenex, and all those UK ladies from the late seventies. They were very influential to me. (doh, Kleenex were Swiss - Geography Editor)

trakMARX - You sound remarkably English throughout yer debut lp, was this intentional?

T - Well I am actually from a very small town in England. Near the Isle of White.

M - The rest of us? No.

T - What can I say, waiting for you.

trakMARX - Has Mr Childish been influential in yer development?

T - As a person, yes. But as a band, he came in and recorded us, wrote a couple of songs on the record, and influenced our sound heavily as far as engineering and producing it. He and Johnny Sangster reworked The Stuck-Ups sound sort of on the record.

M - The band had been around for quite a while.

T - He came in and recorded us in one day. He didn't really know much about us before that.

J - I like that track he did with Mudhoney.

T - That we did with Mudhoney?

J - That Billy Childish did with Mudhoney.

trakMARX - Are you fans of his work, if so which is yer fav LP?

J - I really like that track he did with Mudhoney.

T - I love his work. He has almost 40 records out and I love all the early stuff. The Milkshakes, The Mighty Caesars, The Pop Rivets.

M - You can't stop dancing to his music?

T - Ever

M - When he starts playing.

T - The Buff Medways are amazing. I just saw The Buff Medways and they were a total experience.

J - A lot of people like that track he did with Mudhoney, but I REALLY like the track he did with Mudhoney.

trakMARX - What is The Stuck-Ups mission statement?

B - Oh no!

J - Make enough money to be able to fix my drums.

B - Oh.

T - Party, flirt with boys, party and have fun. Oh yeah, have fun.

M - Play the rock.

T - And have fun.

B - And have fun.

J - I'm single and easy.

B - Right, that's your income right there, single and easy.

trakMARX - You are currently searching for a new bass playa. How's that going?

M - We wanted someone who was HOT.

M - And we wanted someone who was.........?

M, T & B - Stuck Up!

B - Totally stuck up.

M - And someone who could ride?

M & T - The 4 string beast.

M - But then we just settled for me.

T - We'll stick with Meredith for now.

trakMARX - Is the new lp underway yet?

J - It's mostly written.

T - Mostly written, and we have not recorded it yet. We will be in the studio in the next couple of weeks.

B- Yeah!

trakMARX - Any plans for shows in the UK?

J - Are you flying us over there? (Yeah, we're freakin loaded. Non-commercial underground punk rock webzines have cash falling outa their arses - trakMARX Finance Editor )

T - We need to find financial investors, and we will be there. We would love to be there.

J - And how.

B - Oh yeah

J - You said a mouthful.

M - Oh yeah.

B - We want to travel, bring us over.

M - See the world.

T - Even though I'm from there.

trakMARX - Who do The Stuck-Ups hate?

J - Me.

T - We don't hate.

M - No, we do.

T - We do, we do.

M - We certainly do.

B - We hate nobody because we are?

T - The Bay City Rollers

M - No!

J - No we don't.

M - I don't think we hate anybody collectively except bad people.

J - We hate trends and rudeness.

T - And rules.

J - And boring people.

T - And rules.

J - And inadequate hygiene, we really hate that.

T - And the cops.

J - We hate the cops.

M - Totally.

J - Oh my god I hate the cops.

trakMARX - Who do The Stuck-Ups love?

M - Easy, that's way easier.

B - We love us?

J - What?

T - Ourselves, so much

M - We love?

T - You for writing this article.

M - I'm gonna name Tina and the Total Babes.

T - That's who you love?

M - Thin Lizzy and The Who. So there. Ok, maybe I can't speak for the whole band.

T - The Kinks. What about the Kinks? We love people who give us money. We love parties.

M - We love the Spits.

B - We love The Gloryholes.

T - Ok, we are so full of love.

M - Mom.

T - Our Moms and our fucking Dads.

M - Brothers and sisters.

T - Our brothers and our fucking sisters.

trakMARX - Finally, any special New Year message for trakMARX readers?

T - Shoot up.

J - Send us your money.

T - Smoke pot instead of heroin.

M - Rock on rocker!

J - After you send us your money, come see us play and tell your friends. When you get paid again send us more money. And be nice to each other.

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