STAFF - trakMARX rollcall

Our monthly delve inside the minds of trakMARX skribes. This month we asked them - what are you most looking forward to in 2002?

Jean Encoule; Death Cab For Cutie finally breaking in the UK. Hoggboy, mostly. Almost forgot, keep an eye on Easyworld.

Wayne Cocaine; MC5 - A True Testimonial - only one film in 2002. Seen? Sight Rasta.

Evan Halshaw; The Vines LP, I guess, & The Parkinsons.

Neat Neat Pete; Brighton rock - London by The Sea goes overground. The 80's Matchbox B-Line Disaster, British Sea Power, The New Black etc etc.

Buddy Dion; The Clash 2 re-form & tour with The Sex Pistols sick).

William Hicks; A new LP from John Cooper Clarke????!!!! Oh, all right, mclusky do dallas.

Leicester Banks; New Trail Of DEad shit, new Vines shit, more NY anti-folk shit & tons of major label bandwagon jumping gtr shit.

Nick Kuntz; I'm mostly looking foward to seeing Mr Magoo down the dole office. I'd like to see NME go under also - did you know their biggest selling front page in 2001 was HEARSAY!!! Post iroic irony or what?

Bill Burrows; New stuff from Cornershop & Meccico Records - the new indie underground - some more interesting radio - Doug Ellis 6ft Under.

Jack Bukowsi; The Buzzcuntz!!

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