RC5 - Carbon Monoxide & Neutrino?

Charles Shaar Murray once famously suggested that garage bands (& he was talking about the Clash @ the time) should be quickly returned to their garage, preferably with the engine still running. He famously retracted his comments when he realised he'd come accross like Victorian Dad on a Laudanum bender but the damage had already been done (to his career, that is, not the Clash's). Garage bands have often been misunderstood ever since. 2001 produced it's fair share of garage band aktion; White Stripes, Von Bondies, The Sympathetic Detroit scene, The Stuck Ups, The Hives, The Vines, The Strokes &, of course, The RC5.

The RC stands for Robb Clarke, ex Zipgun. The 5 refers to the band's 4 members, doh. The sound they make is louder than Operation Enduring Freedom on a bouncing bunker busting bombing run. Imagine Lemmy doing Rob Tyner, imagine the massed gtr power of The Ramones, The Saints & The Pistols, imagine Keith Moon in a bad mood - imagine there's a heaven - no half pipes, no skates, no opium - just 100 mph 100% pure garage punk & roll, the Seatle chapter. Search & destroy.

RC5 dropped the bomb this summer in the UK in the form of their "Amercian Rock & Roll" lp on 20 Stone Blatt Records. A 20 trak ear bashing that doesn't pause for breath, icoming missles or oncoming tanks. The pace is frenetic, the conviction is apparent & the volume should be turned firmly up to 10. Following on from 3 x 4 trak ep's & an 8 trak 10" mini lp for a variety of independant labels (all available from the band's website), "Amercian Rock & Roll" takes the blueprint & stretches it. This band just keep on improving - the gtrs are louder, the solos are tighter, the vocals have more balls & the engine room pushes harder & harder each time out. This is punk rock - 60's punk, 70's punk, 80's punk & 90's punk - new punk rock aktion for a new punk rock millenium. They even throw in a cover of the MC5's "American Ruse" as a point of reference. If you're stuck for something to buy Charles Shaar Murray for his birthday this year, you couldn't go far wrong with a copy of "Amercian Rock & Roll" - he'd probably tell you he hated it when he unwrapped it but he'd ring you up 3 months later & admit he was wrong.

Leicester Banks endured transatlantic interference to bring you the word on the RC5 from main man, Robb Clarke;

Jean Encoule recently bent the ear of RC5 frontman & main dude, Rob Clarke;

trakMARX - How did RC 5 occur & what's yr. history?

RC5 - RC5 rose from the ashes of Zipgun, Jesus Christ Superfly & AMA (all Seatle based punk n roll bands). Todd & I started writing together after our old bands disbanded.

trakMARX - RC5/MC5 - homage, association or coincidence?

RC5 - All of the above plus being an Amercian blues based band. We have a great admiration for The Stooges & 70's Detroit rock in general.

trakMARX - Do you share the MC5's politikal agenda?

RC5 - Not to the degree of inspiring or creating a revolution.

trakMARX - R U part of the problem or part of the solution?

RC5 - Definately the problem.

trakMARX - Can we achieve anything in 5 minutes?

RC5 - Yes, cuz it only takes 5 seconds, just imagine......

trakMARX - Motorhead & The Ramones also feature in yr. sound - big fans?

RC5 - Yes, both are huge influences.

trakMARX - Who else has influenced RC5?

RC5 - On a smaller level, I guess The Humpers. Under the influence of drugs, I'd have to say Sammy Davies Jnr.

trakMARX - What is the RC5 gameplan?

RC5 - To release Charles Manson & a few more rekkids.

trakMARX - Punk rock continues to evolve 30 odd years after its inception - what role does it have in today's musical climate?

RC5 - I think all that's left in the art of making music is stealing other people's ideas & putting yer own signature on it. I think music's evolution has dramatically ceased. New stuff occaisionally inspires me, I like The Strokes.

trakMARX - What changes do you forsee in US cultural development as a result of of 11/09/01?

RC5 - The wheels of the war machine accidentally running us all over. Hopefully we'll all look at ourselves a bit deeper & see our part in a situation that has been unfolding since the end of WW2. A lot of it is down to rascism, massive global egos & religion. I hope we can settle this diplomatically.

trakMARX - Any compadres operating currently in the world of subversive pop culture that RC5 feel an affinity with?

RC5 - The Candy Snatchers & The Humpers.

trakMARX - What does the immediate future hold for RC5?

RC5 - We will be recording another lp in December & then hitting the road for some shows. Hopefully our pimp, Brian @ TSB Rekkids, will get us over to the UK for some shows.

RC5 website: kom.net/rc5/

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