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trakMARX.com contacted Mr Stuart "Psycho" Pearce of Manchester City FC back in November of 2001 with regard to a feature we had planned that was to appear under the banner, "Famous Punk's Top 10". We asked Psycho to submit his Top 10 punk lp's together with a few words describing why he loved each particular lp. Stuart contacted us shortly afterwards by telephone to explain;

"Awight, it's Stuart Pearce here, from Manchester City. Yeah, I'd like to get involved but it's really not my scene, you know? Thanks for asking me, but I'm gonna have to pass on this one."

Imagine our surprise when we discovered a feature entitled, "Stuart Pearce's Punk Top 5" in February 2002's edition of Q Magazine (the same Q magazine who in their January 2002 edition featured the words "I edit a fanzine" in their top 10 things no-one wants to know).

Now that leaves the average punter with a tough choice;

a) Stuart Pearce is an integirty-lite money grabbing bastard with a penchant for selling other peoples ideas.

b) Q Magazine is aktually so jealous of fanzines it's prepared to rip them off without so much as a by your leave.

Nick Kuntz - Feb - 2002


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