Each issue trakMARX.com invites a guest presenter to exhibit their personal collection of dusty old punk rock records. Spitting out of your own printer in expressive tM-Kolour Realtone (registered trade mark), these glorious repro-retro socially relevant art docu-prints (aktual 7" size) can be affixed to bedroom & kitchen walls with the simple application of Bluetak or glue (creating the illusion that you were there at the time).

This month we are proud to welcome the collection of Darren Guy, ex bass player for Warwickshire's finest punk rock urchins, Domestic Bliss. These days Darren is big in advertising (as oppossed to Japan (ho ho)).

Absolut punk.

Mark P & the crew rock the house. Solid!

big in japan
Gatefold melodrama with Holly J on art school trousers.

Hasn't this one just charted again?

Keef's favourite version


o level
I dont quite remember how this one goes

Early Stranglers 7" rocks it out

tv personalities
Another punk record…

Early 2 minute classics from the Wire dudes… top

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