You dont have to be skitzofrenik to work here, but we are. We belong to the blank cheque generation and we take it or leave it each time. Another year, a breath of fresh air & a brand new attitude here @ trakMARX. Thanks to everyone who tuned in for the first two issues; we know where you are, we know how many of you there are, we know how long you spend reading this shit & we know which pages you like most (when technology catches up we'll even know where you live!). Rest assured, 2002 will see trakMARX strive to bring you the best in punk rock aktion & attitude from whatever decade it went down, & hopefully turn you on to some obscure classiks you never even knew you'd never heard of.

Issue 3 sees the advent of our first guest contributor, NYC comic artist & Rough Trade recording artiste, Mr Jeff Lewis. Jeff tells us all about the day he discovered 60's garage punk & how it has devastated his disposable income ever since.

If you would like to contribute to trakMARX, our arms are always open in anticipation of a submission. You should know the form by now, go on - submit today. Until next month, adios amigos.


Jean Aramis Encoule.
contact - the needle & the damage done