artifakts of 2001
trakMARX Artifakts of 2001

Boxsets, re-releases & re-masters of the year.

1/ Nuggets 2 - Boxset - Rhino
Original Artyfakts from the British Empire & Beyond. Psyche-garage-punk-essential.

2/ The In Crowd - Boxset - Universal
The Mod Movement had many parallels with Punk. Exciting music, sharp clothes, attention to detail. Find out why.

3/ Ramones/Leave Here/Rocket To Russia - Ramones - Rhino
The greatest punk rock band of all time - in all their original glory, with many aditional cuts (inc a full live show from 77 on Leave Home).

4/ 25 Years Of Rough Trade Shops - Boxset - Rough Trade
Proof that The Strokes were no accident - RT have always had the best possible taste.

5/ Kleenex/Lilliput - Kill Rock Stars
Swiss punk - no holes. Girls at their best.

6/ The Yardbirds - Ultimate - Rhino
The anthology, the history, the kool hand aktion.

7/ LAMF (The Lost 77 Mixes) - Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers - Jungle
Smackhead Punks who taught the UK 1st wavers all they knew.

8/ The Roxy, London, WC2 - Various - Castle
Re-packaged, re-evaluated & re-visited. Now with an extra disc & several more bands. If you weren't there then, you can feel like you were - now.

9/ The Bootleg Series Vol 1; The Quine Tapes - Velvet Underground - Polydor
OK, so Cale had already fucked off. That don't make this any less mesmerising.

10/ Radio Birdman - The Essential 74-78 - Sub Pop
Aussie legends expansive compilation to file next to The Stooges & The Saints.

11/ Love - Forever Changes - Rhino
Lee claimed to have invented Punk with "7 & 7 Is". He certainly had the required attitude. Possibly one of the best lp's ever made.

12/ Damned Damned Damned - The Damned - Edsel
The Damned were the first UK punk band to release an lp. Eddie & The Hot Rods managed to get their pikture on the sleeve instead of The Damned & collectors got themselves an instant rareity. Now you've got one too, @ a snip of the price.

13/ The Sonics - Savage Young Sonics - Norton
The Sonics were definitive in the development of embryonic punk attitude. Along with The Monks they did anger very convincingly - back in 1962.

14/ X-Ray Spex - Germ Free Adolescence - Castle
X-Ray Spex were punk all over & out. Free Live At The Roxy set included on disc 2.

15/ Love - Love - Rhino/Warner Brothers
The Beatles went to great lengths to break Arthur Lee, even writing "All You Need Is Love" for WEA's mid 60's advertising campaign.

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