A long time ago there used to be a music mag/fanzine called Zig Zag. Rescued from hippy banality by Aylesbury fop and part time Vice Creams leader, Mr Chris Needs, Zig Zag often managed to capture the Zeitgeist of the late seventies. Here, for the first time in decades, trakMARX.com lovingly recreates the heady atmosphere of that definitive era with blow-up poster recreations of its finest moments.

Thanks to Darren Guy, ex Domestic Bliss, for the loan of the mags.

In 20 yrs time I bet you a pound to a pinch of shit I get a Q award.

The Slits! Having their cake and eating it.

Wayne County. If you dont wanna fuck me baby fuck off.

The Gang of Four Blondies! It was an idea ahead of its time.

Black and white cover with the Cramps, the koolest band to crawl out of the grave.

Its Joe and the boys - when do we get out of this fuckin contract!

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