STAFF - trakMARX rollcall

Take a peek inside the rekkid boxes & home playlists of our beloved skribes.

Jean Encoule;
Down with the re-issue scene, mostly. Been digging the Stiff Little Fingers "Inflammable Material" re-issue, priceless. Underated, underplayed & under the counter. Justice.

Wayne Cocaine;
We are the mods, we are the mods, we are, we are, we are the mods. "The In Crowd" boxset has been fighting a losing battle versus the "Nuggets 2" box round our way. Also coming under attack from; "Them; The Anthology". Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine, indeed.

Evan Halshaw;
The hills have been alive with the sound of RC5, "American Rock & Roll". The Ramones, Motorhead & The MC5 - sometimes all in the same song! In complete control.

Neat Neat Neat Pete;
Who ever the fuck it is that keeps sending me Roadrunner promos - back the fuck off, right? I don't do Slipshod or Nu Labour Metal. I have gotta say that I rate the new Stuck Up's lp on Sympathy, though. It kinda out Slits pre-reggae tinged Slits, if ya get my drift (but with slightly crapper lyrics)?

Buddy Dion;
Picked up "God Save The Queen" on A&M for about £3000 last week - not that it's relevant, mind - just thought I'd boast. X Ray Spex "Anthology" on Castle is one you could all afford, right? Classic debut, plus demos & a set rekorded @ The Roxy to boot. If ya dig this, why not check out the Slaughter & The Dogs one too - same label, same quality control.

William Hicks;
I've had a Yardbirds head on me all month. The Anthology on Rhino keeps me holding on. I fuckin love Rhino Rekkids.

Leicester Banks;
L/A/L cook the catshit for my fish fryer. Bugged out, rocked up & washed in wine. Chemists' cut. Von Bondies, also.

Nick Kuntz;
Detroit is where my head is @. Tell me there has ever been a better rekkid than "Raw Power" & I'll shit in yer pocket & pass it off as melted mars bar. Von Bondies come close, WStripes rock my arse - Rock Of Travolta, Joan Of Arse & Black Neilson do it for the UK.

Bill Burrows;
WBA's assualt on The Div 1 title falters, Villa skum top the Prem & all I've got to hit them with is the Joan Of Arse LP. Can't I just say Alan MaGoo is a twat & leave it @ that, I hate these style conisseur type style things?

Jack Bukowski;
Bin mostly on a bender with Mickey Rourke since last outing, jeez that guy does a whole bunch more drinking than he does acting - fe sure. I guess (though I couldnae be sure)that I've been hanging with De Niro & James Woods doing Jack & charles & shit, cos that's what I usually de when I'm oot with Mickey. Fuck the rekkids, by the way. I'm oota here.

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