Each issue trakMARX.com invites a guest presenter to exhibit their personal collection of dusty old punk rock records. Spitting out of your own printer in expressive tM-Kolour Realtone (registered trade mark), these glorious repro-retro socially relevant art docu-prints (aktual 7" size) can be affixed to bedroom & kitchen walls with the simple application of Bluetak or glue (creating the illusion that you were there at the time).

Issue 2 welcomes the collection of Olly Little, ex-Damaged Rabbits, Obscene On TV and Bodystained Underpants. Olly's extensive collection includes a complete set of the first ten single releases of Step Forward Rekkids, which is no mean feat.

Where's Emergency?! Still, 999, solid bunch.

Top punk rock!

After a bad day at the plastic surgeons.

Fucking ace stuff

RH - in beer gut/tight jeans situation

Another proper punk record from Kevin Roland before he got his straw hat and fiddle.

I dont quite remember how this one goes

A really sorted 7" - magic.

Albert Tatlock! If only we'd know…

This is er…

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