Fuck The Pain & Sadness Away

Following on from last year's brilliantly titled debut, "My Pain & Sadness Is More Sad & Painful Than Yours", mclusky have just returned home from recording the follow up with none other than prefered producer to the stars of trak & leftfield; Mr Steve Albini.

The following communication from mclusky breifly outlines their mission statement in their own words & is followed by an interview opportunity covering such diverse topics as mic placement, Albini fatcs & swimming pools filled with the blood of Ocean Colour Scene fans;

mclusky say...

...A state of mind, a lifestyle choice, a fucking catharsis ... mclusky are none of these things and more. We formed, as most bands do, because we found little to inspire us in the musical climate of the time (late `96), and have continued our steady journey towards dementia and bankruptcy ever since, with only a succession of interesting tropical illnesses to keep us company on the long road....

...Of course, we`re fully aware that it is our time-keeping and well-observed sarcasm which have taken us to this level, and while some changes are inevitable as the organ grinder whips his hype-hungry knaves into a crazy (and often misspelled) orgy of in-depth haircut analysis (the hallmark of any successful band), this monkey can state uncategorically that we will never, EVER, arrive at a souncheck/session/photo-shoot/tit-signing more than seven minutes late (traffic permitting).

...Our masterplan, if one exists, is to play a fuck-load of shows to a fuck-load of people and continue to do so until our knees and backs finally give way. after that, if the mongoloid hordes deem us worthy of obscurity, then so be it...

An interview opportunity with mclusky;

trakMARX - It must be tuff being one of the only decent gtr bands in the UK. Why are all the others so fuckin lame?

It must be an education thing, but in truth I don`t know enough about other bands to comment, I could barely fucking care. When I do take notice of some incubus or other I`m usually struck by how fucking lazy they are more than anything else, particularly lyrically and with regard to personal hygeine.. I`d also like to take this opportunity to ask all new bands not to call any of their songs "Goin Out" or "Saturday Night". In my experience, bands are always far too happy to suck. Don`t, that`s my advice.

trakMARX - The words Big & Black surfaced in a few reviews of "...Pain & Sadness....". Was it a logical progression to get Albini to produce lp #2 & did you shit it when you met him?

A few of the reviews of "My Pain" went all nostradamus on us, which was nice but yeah, it was fantastic, the first time I`d been out of Britain for ten years and I`m only fucking recording with steve albini, y`know? Our label had the courage of our convictions, I think they`re a little more confident than we are, they pushed it through. The whole thing was more exciting than nerve-wracking, I mean, we`re not exactly weighed down with a surplus of heroes in this band, so it was a good day when we finally walked in there and started setting up. In truth, the only time my bowels nearly got the better of me was on our way through the proto-fascist poster-boys at customs and, of course, when the hired 4 thousand dollar Les Paul snapped clean in half.

trakMARX - What was he like to work with & what insights can you offer into the way he works?

The short answer is "a piece of piss". I had a whole sequence of outrageous lies about Mr.Albini ready for such a question, but I can`t go through with it, he`s a straight-up guy. He sets up the mikes in many of the places you`d expect and then the band bring the rock (or not, as the case may be).

trakMARX - When will these recordings surface & is there a title yet?

First single "Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues" is out on 7" (through too pure) on november 12th ... that`s the rumour anyway, these things usually drag like bitches. The album "mclusky Do Dallas" should be out jan/feb time, along with another single just before, "To Hell With Good Intentions". We`re on tour in November, through Ireland, Scotland and Wales with maybe an English date or two thrown in.

trakMARX - "In Utero", "Rid Of Me", "Surfer Rosa" etc - apart from your new one (obviously), what is Albini's finest moment?

So much to choose from ... the ones you mentioned plus the Wedding Present's "Seamonsters", that`s pretty rocking ... aside from that, "1000 Hurts" is a gigantic fuck pie of a record. I was really into Helmet as a kid, and the bits of "In The Meantime" he did were fairly fucking nasty. I absolutely adore "Tourettes" from "In Utero",,if anyone cares at all, and "Where Is My Mind?" will always make me hard.

trakMARX - Who else has inspired mclusky?

Y`know, the usual not-cock guitar suspects, Husker Du, Fugazi, Jesus and Mary Chain, Nirvana, Pixies, The Clash, Pavement etcetcetc - a variety of other shit (Tricky, Public Enemy , Guitar Wolf, Velvet Underground, Gang of Four blahblahblah) and brain-on-sleeve comedians like Bill Hicks and Chris Morris; both "Jam" and "Blue Jam" are the work of complete and utter genius.

trakMARX - Can gtrs & shouting still cut it in 2001?

The alternative is too frightening to even contemplate. I`d rather be asked "Can Travis breath underwater?"

trakMARX - The UK mainstream press seems to care less & less about real bands every week. What do mclusky think of the support offered to them by supposedly sympathetic journals like the NME?

As long as the NME continues to confuse the lifestyle of a band with the quality of music they produce then we`re all fucked, I`m afraid. Like most humans, I don`t give a flying monkeys cock how many drugs Tim Burgess or King Adora can shove down their throats, and I don`t really care for the double standards that are applied to American and British bands right across the board. Did you know that they now have `brand directors` down at IPC? ROCK AND FUCKING ROLL.

trakMARX - Anger is an energy, anger can be power - are mclusky angry, & if so, who with?

It`s predominantly a natural inclination to want to play music, but I suppose we are angry, yeah. Why are we angry? Have you seen our rehearsal room? Have you seen my bank balance? Seriously, I haven`t got enough time to even touch the surface of this one. Gap really wind me up for one -selling sex to kids can fuck you up. Also arrogant little goats with none of the balls but all of the rider - one day we will have the vodka, fuckos.

trakMARX - The revolution is here - it's time to put them up against the wall & shout "Fire" - mclusky's top 5 executions of all time would have to be?

1. Tom Monaghan (founder of dominos pi**a, renowned anti-abortionist). 2. Blossom. 3. Gap marketing executives. 4. George W.Bush (hardly original I know, but a must-have nonetheless). 5. The Smashing Pumpkins. I fucking hate the Smashing Pumpkins.

trakMARX - Many so called excuses for bands make you want to pour petrol on them & throw matches (well they make us feel that way). Who would mclusky most like to see go up in flames & why?

We`ll stick with the Smashing Pumpkins here, I don`t want to get into more fights than I have already; I hate all of those `pity me - my fucking dog has died` wankers.

trakMARX - Most bands crave chart success & the trappings of wealth that said success brings with it. If mclusky were lucky enough to achieve said success, what would they spend all those oodles of dosh on?

a) A cocaine dependancy the size of a small South American dictatorship. b) State of the art home security & call screening software to ensure they never had to speak to the ordinary people they knew before they were famous. c) A tour bus equiped with a surface to air missle defence system & bull bars. d) Private funding for pressure groups seeking legislation banning the likes of Oasis, Stereophonics, Suede, Travis, Coldplay & Spiritualised from ever entering a recording studio ever again, ever.

How about (e) a gigantic swimming pool filled with the blood of Ocean Colour Scene fans - that would be the height of insanitary excellence, other than that (b), which the esteemable mr.harding (drums) has already put into practice - really, you don`t want to know.

Leicester Banks 2001

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