Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

Ignore alien orders - Issue 2 of trakMARX.com is here. Good to know there are (quite literally) thousands of you out there that got Issue 1 & are looking forward to more. This is, after all, the world wide web & we're the dodgy looking intense geezers standing outside the gig afterwards with hundreds of photocopied words about a subject, the passion of which, mere words will always struggle to convey.

One of the most commonly asked questions here @ trakMARX.com is; why? The answer is simple; zeitgeist. Millions of lp's have been made since the dawn of recording technology - 80% have been shit. Our task is to wade through that shit & pull out the diamonds for you to spit & polish.

trakmarx.com walks the thin line from the birth of rock & roll, thru the counter culture underground of the 60's, past Ann Arbour Detroit & the US punk rock of NYC circa 75, past the UK punk rock explosion of 1976, past US hardcore & post hardcore, past Pixies/Nirvana all the way to l/a/l, Trail Of Dead & The Strokes.

Walk it like you talk it.
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