Each issue trakMARX.com invites a guest presenter to exhibit their personal collection of dusty old punk rock records. Spitting out of your own printer in expressive tM-Kolour Realtone (registered trade mark), these glorious repro-retro socially relevant art docu-prints (aktual 7" size) can be affixed to bedroom & kitchen walls with the simple application of Bluetak or glue (creating the illusion that you were there at the time).

Issue 1 welcomes the collection of Art Angry - retro neo punx stylist to trakMARX.com

Born & raised in an anonymous Midlands city, Art was no slouch when it came to "digging the new breed". His personnal collection of Punx wayward & failed moments is preserved here for future generations. Come with us, then, as we take a relaxing stroll into the record box that time forgot…

THis is good but its got a picture of Jools Holland on the back

THis is one of them bands which refused to go on TOTP but then they changed their name to China Crisis and the rest is history.

THis is a great record - Mick u can have it back when you find that first Cabs single u misplaced.

Another top toon! Why wasn't it on the ROugh Trde bx CD eh?

This is one of ur 'classic' tracks - this is where the Jam got the idea for Down in the Tube Station

Live in a car - how we laughed (green vynl which you cant see here)

This is great sleeve which is good cause it anit got a record in it

I dont quite remember how this one goes

*** This is like the fuckin best record ever ***

"Life's about as wonderful as a record mart" - were u might find some of these records!

This is the rare MI5 dirty tricks version featuring covers done by the Nolan Sisters

A proper punk record

"Never been in a riot" - ace

Another Mekons single

Agh! A record with no clothes on!

6000 crazy is another great track of a kind rare to be heard now

Another one from Vic

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