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A message from the producers of MC5 * A TRUE TESTIMONIAL -----

Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa, Y'all!!

If you've skated over to the MC5 Film website you know there haven't been many updates in a while. That's because we've been busy making the damn movie!

The most exciting news is that we've entered post-production. We've begun editing the MC5 documentary at a truly righteous filmmaking establishment -- KARTEMQUIN FILMS, Chicago. Uh-huh, the folks that brought the world 'HOOP DREAMS' are now rockin to the sounds of 'Shakin Street' and 'Sister Anne'!

We worked extremely hard to complete production and owe a debt of gratitude to all of you who've contributed along the way and became "Part of the Solution." We can still use your help -- we need you to visit the website and we need to sell you merchandise! Stickers are now available and we'll include some with every t-shirt, hat or postcard-set order. The stickers come in three designs and look great on cars AND guitars. We'll even send you some if you send us a SASE.
We have a new "contributions" program which will enable you to have your name in the credits of MC5 * A TRUE TESTIMONIAL. We'd love to put your name on the film! For more information on this program or to order merchandise right on the web, see bottom of page. Orders and merchandise questions, including wholesale bulk orders can also be directed to Jim at

Here's a quick recap of Future/Now production highlights from the past eleven
months -----

Last February we were filming with Dennis Thompson and John Sinclair. Intense? You bet.

More testimonials followed, including a a riotous interview with Bobby Gillespie and Mani of Primal Scream. You can hardly open a Brit music mag these days without a photo of Mani in his MC5*ATT t-shirt -- thanks for helping to spread the word, Mani!

In August we shot a fascinating interview with Geoffrey Haslam, producer of the MC5's masterpiece, HIGH TIME. He was in Michigan on holiday from England. Geoffrey's now a physics professor, so when he says Energy actually DOES equal MC5, and why, ya better pay attention!

We were very fortunate in September when we hooked up with Derek Hughes and filmed his story of the 5's demise. Derek was the MC5's British bass player at the end and despite his cheerful efforts couldn't staunch the bleeding.

We ended September in New York with the legendary Danny Fields ("I got two of the greatest bands in history with one phone call!") and BACK IN THE USA producer Jon Landau ("I wanted the MC5 to have hits with their trenchant critique of American society!")

And, as if that wasn't cool enough, we spent an afternoon with Handsome Dick Manitoba of The Dictators, who gave us a heavy-weight-champion testimonial!! We completed our final Detroit shoot right before the winter weather set in, including filming inside the gloriously decaying Grande Ballroom. And through it all we've been digging up more rare films, recordings and photos of the MC5.
It's all gonna blow your mind.
To answer the all-important question as to when the film will be completed, all we can say is that later this year things could get very exciting........... In a 1988 interview Rob Tyner said "One of the most difficult things to learn is the discipline of waiting. A warrior's got to know the times and that there is timing even in the void."
Build to a Rising -- Build to a Gathering -- Build to Eruption -- COME TOGETHER!

David C. Thomas - director
Laurel Legler - producer
Jim Roehm - executive producer - Janie Jones Enterprises.

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