Elevator, going up!

Lift To Experience

Josh Pearson - Gtr & vox Josh Browning - Bass Andy Young - Drums

Born in Denton, Texas - 1996.

Texas has more to answer for than the Manchester of Morrisey's mind nowadays. Not only have they blessed us with Knife In The Water, Trail Of Dead & ATDI - you can add Lift To Experience to that exulted list.

Coming on like Tim Buckley fronting the Jeff Buckley band circa "Grace" with Thurston Moore as gtr tech, LTE are the angels of the Lord. Words like Pixies & Gun Club have been bandied about but are way off of the mark, LTE inhabit somewhere special of their own that no-one has quite put their finger on before. Their debut lp, "Texas Jerusalem Crossroads", has just been released on Robin Guthrie's Bellaunion label to critical acclaim. It is the sound of the apocalypse, the hooves of the four horsemen minus one;

"Don't you boys know nothing? The usa is the center of Jer-usa-lem."

Don't be scared by the talk of concepts, TJC is a slow burner of an lp. 11 songs spread over 2 cd's, this is the sound of righteous anger. Pearson's searing guitar assaults conjure a 1000 memories, hint at a myriad of legends. One louder one moment, then barely audible the next. Comparisons to My Bloody Valentine are again misleading, LTE are far less linear in their approach (& MBV were always totally overrated anyhow). There are so many things going on here it's futile to try and nail down the tarpaulin just yet, needless to say someone's had a burning.

The lp was mostly written while Pearson worked as a ranch hand in Denton. Texas Jerusalem Crossroads is, he says, "a concept lp about the end of the world where Texas is the Promised Land". Raised by his mother after his bible bashing father became so over-bearing they had no choice to go it alone, Pearson has clearly been tinged by the madness of religious dependency. Iconography is present in every verse, portent breathes through every chord. If they never made another record again they would still have left the world with a definitive statement.

Having graced the stages of the UK recently, including a London debut with The Dukes Of Hangliding, LTE look odds on favourites to bridge the gap between angst & expressionism. This is a gospel that has nothing to do but spread, a parable of virtue for a virtual world. No matter whether you're 15 or 50 or anywhere else in between, Lift To Experience; the only way is up.

Nick Kuntz

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