Who The Fuck Are The Dillinger Four?

Erik Funk - Gtr & vox Bill Morrisette - Gtr & vox Patrick Costello - Bass & vox Lane Pederson - Drums

Born - Minnesota, 1994

LP's - "Midwestern Songs Of The Americas" & "Versus God" (both on Hopeless)

Alerted to the Four by those ever wonderful people @ Alan's of Wigan, both lp's were duly purchased & digested back to back. For the uninitiated, The Dillinger Four make punk rock the way it used to be made; loud, proud & difficult to know. D4 stand out from the slew of punk rock acts that roam the plains of the rock hinterland by having; integrity, an agenda, a collective conscience, decent lyrics & a corporate ring kissing allergy. Their music ably reflects these factors; whilst most jnr punk outfits are content to sing about drugs, alcohol, sex & tv - D4 are not afraid to get a bit political on our ass. D4 are the type of people who rate Leatherface's "Mush" lp as one of the greatest rekkids ever made & value the musical legacy left by Lemmy over the recorded output of Joey Ramone.

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14 Things You Never Knew About Some Group You Never Heard Of

Bassist Paddy Costello has the legend; "How Much Art Can You Take" tattooed on his chest.

D4 were originally known as The Ted Kennedys - they changed their name because they "eat shit".

Paddy once shat on the guy from Hot Water Music's chest.

Bill was once in the brilliantly named Scooby Don't.

Drummer Lane is nicknamed Monkey Hustle.

Erik owns the Tripple Rock Social Club on West Bank (not Beiruit, we assume).

Drummer Lane studies psychology.

All the bands early 7" 45's are now available on 1 cd.

They turned down Epitaph.

They play 30 minute sets.

They're mates of Billy Joe Greenday.

D4 played on a boat around Boom Island, Mississippi, in homage to the Pistols River Boat scam.

"Versus God" samples Otis Reading & Jack Van Impe.

D4 dye their pubic hair.

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